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Ocean Mist Farms Protects Critical Assets Through LinkSource

Headquartered in Castroville, California, Ocean Mist Farms is the largest grower of fresh artichokes in the United States. In addition to artichokes, they grow a full line of premium fresh vegetables year-round in multiple growing regions throughout California. Ocean Mist’s fresh produce can be found throughout grocery stores across North America.

No business or organization is safe from today’s cyber threats. Cybercriminals are opportunistic and capitalize on any vulnerability they can exploit for their own gain, regardless of business size or industry. In April of this year, the FBI issued a warning to farming and agriculture producers that ransomware actors may be looking to target farming and agricultural operations during critical planting and harvesting times. Timing is everything, and cybercriminals know how to exploit this when demanding a ransom payment. The IT infrastructure of a modern agriculture producer can be quite complex, which is why it’s essential to have the right people, processes, and technology in place to protect against constant cyber threats.

A tremendous number of security tools and solutions are available in the marketplace, so determining the right solution for your organization can be a challenge. The IT team at Ocean Mist Farms understood this challenge and knew that cybersecurity is not a plug-and-play game anymore. They approached their trusted technology sourcing advisor, LinkSource Technologies, for help in finding the right solution.

Ocean Mist Farms was looking for a managed cyber security-as-a-service (SECaaS) partner to be an extension of their team. They didn’t have the budget to hire, but they were tasked with satisfying leadership’s concerns about cyber threats to business operations. They wanted more granular visibility into their environment, better alerting, and security logs, a 24/7/365 security operations center (SOC) and security incident and event management (SIEM/SOC), and patch management for endpoints and servers. With these specific needs in mind, LinkSource Technologies began a critical review of cybersecurity options. Corvid Cyberdefense’s Haven Solution was the only solution that addressed each requirement.

Haven is Corvid Cyberdefense’s end-to-end prevention, detection, and response cybersecurity for business. It includes all the necessary security controls, management, and a 24/7/365 security operations center monitoring to protect against constant cyber threats. This means not only are Ocean Mist Farms’ data protected against many forms of cyber attacks, but they also have a dedicated team of specialists monitoring and responding to security threats every minute of every day. Cyber attacks are getting more sophisticated, so companies need sophisticated technology and knowledgeable people to identify cyber threats, protect against attacks, detect and respond to cybersecurity incidents, and recover quickly.

As Ocean Mist Farms’ trusted technology advisor, LinkSource has a holistic view of the organization’s IT infrastructure. This positions LinkSource to make trusted and strategic recommendations on anything in their tech environment, from cloud services like cybersecurity to sourcing the right hardware.

LinkSource is honored to have been selected as Ocean Mist Farms’ trusted technology advisor and we look forward to continuing to help them navigate the ever-changing landscape of their technology environment.

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